Loss Control Solutions

The Gardner Group provides technology driven and data based insurance inspections in 7 states.  We take a unique approach to meeting your underwriting needs.

Smart Cover Page

Our Cover Page takes 200 data points from multiple pages and aggregates the top 20 on the Cover Page for streamlined analysis.

Hazard Data Reports

Data Mining at your finger tips! We provide web based tools that allow you to look at enterprise wide hazard occurrence statistics or drill directly down to the Agent level and see exactly where your risk exposure is coming from.


A key partner for Gardner is our relationship with e2Value. Their valuation solutions and cutting edge web presence, provides our customers with a great mix of products, service and absolutely unbeatable pricing.

One Touch Order & Delivery Integration

Take the “manual” out of work order processing. We’ll set up front and back end systems that will streamline your order entry AND integrate completed report, back into your system automatically.

Loss Control 360

We have partnered with Utilant, LLC, developers of Loss Control 360 and Rapid Sketch. Constant enhancements and a path towards a complete Mobility Solution, technology is in the hands of your underwriting department.

In Service Training Resources

Looking for quality underwriting training? We provide you with your own branded web site with custom content.  Video based training on topics like UL 300, Solid Fuel Burners or developed just for you.

Full Web Access

You can: Review status of open inspections, browse reports online, access full size photos, message Gardner from the survey, evaluate time performance and more.


Gardner Group Insurance Inspections New York State

Beyond Quality

Your basic expectation is great quality, fast time service and affordable pricing. It is a reasonable expectation and yet one which too often goes unmet.

At the Gardner Group, AMAZING quality, timeliness and pricing are our minimum deliverables.

What is "Beyond Quality"? We believe that after you have a quality report in your hands, the real value comes from how can you leverage that information for other purposes. For example:

  • Focus-Does the report provide focus on your specific underwriting concerns and support appropriate action? Do you have to hunt for the hazards that you want to mitigate?
  • Data-Can you glean more meaning from aggregated data from ALL the reports you have ordered?
  • Tools-Are there tools provided directly to you that allow you to evaluate what type and scope of risks you are being exposed to? Can you determine the source of these risks and make informed decisions?

A second generation company, The Gardner Group has been providing unique loss control solutions for almost 30 years.

Our coverage territory spans seven states. Coverage in the East includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, as well as Arizona, New Mexico and parts of California in the West.

At The Gardner Group we are dedicated to collaboration, innovation and operational excellence.