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Hello, I am Jim Gardner, President of the Gardner Group. You probably saw one of our advertisements on Craigslist or in your local paper. You may have at least a couple of questions. I will try and answer some of them here. If you like what you see, you can complete our application form with your information and we can go from there.

Who is the Gardner Group?

We are a company that is constantly innovating and experimenting. We are a tech savvy, virtual company that is nearly 30 years old and second generation run. We are a service company to the Insurance Industry. We provide data to insurance carriers who are trying to identify and manage their exposure to risk. You can get more information at www.gardnergroup.net.

Where is our office?

We have more than 70 “home offices”. As a virtual company, we all work from home offices. Our administrative staff is spread around 4 states. While we provide our services in 7 states, we are focused in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey currently.

Who works for us?

Our field staff is the backbone of our business. We look for really great people,someone we look forward to talking with each day. Core talents have to be an attention to detail, very pro-active and a person who likes technology. If you are all of those things, you might be a good fit with us.

What does a Gardner Rep do?

A Gardner Rep has the opportunity to travel the countryside or city (in about a 25 mile radius of your home office). The task is collecting information that informs insurance underwriters about the risks they are deciding to insure. This entails mapping a route that typically covers 8-15 stops. Each stop can be a home, business or farm risk. Some risks will have required that you contacted the insured and made an appointment. Others require no appointment.

At each site, you will be on site for 15 minutes to 45 minutes, on the average, depending on the type of survey you are completing. You will be making observations, taking photographs, measuring buildings and talking with the insured or their employee’s. With this information, you will put together the report using web based forms and sketching programs. Once complete, you will submit the report for review and sending to the insurance carrier.

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

Our best field reps are already out on the road doing something else. This job is a better supplement to your income than your only source. Your work with the Gardner Group will be part-time. Our best field reps are nice people, who like to meet others and see new places. They get excited to go inside of buildings they always wanted to peek into! Our best reps love to play with new tech toys and see how they can make them more efficient. Our best reps find a way to make an appointment work for the insured. Our best reps get the survey done early, not just on time. Does that sound like you?

Can I make any money at this?

70 reps do right now and we have been doing this for 30 years. Most of our reps have 15-30 cases on hand on a given day. That is a mix of homeowners, commercial and farm surveys. Reps have up to 20 days to accumulate cases to make a profitable run. Payments for cases start at $14 and range up to the $35-$65 range. Our reps typically have income of $10-$15,000 a year for this part time work. Many of our reps exceed that amount. There are many other inspection companies that we can point you to for additional work.

What is day like out in the field?

A sample day of inspections might look like a mix of $14-25 homeowners, a few $35 commercial surveys and perhaps a farm (which is pricier).  You will almost ALWAYS want to bunch 8-10 cases together to make a run, unless you are going to the store and driving right by a place you have to inspect.

I have a reliable car, a digital camera, a laptop and I am a great people person, what are my chances of working with you?

Typically, we are going to give first opportunity to new people who are currently or who have done insurance inspections. Next we consider people who are out on the road for another line of work, but who are very familiar with buildings, construction or have had some interaction with the insurance industry in the past. Finally, there are times when a person is just in the right location, where we have a need and we will train that person to the level they need to be.

I might be interested in this. What is the next step?

Please click here to Apply. No phone calls, that will slot you out of the process. In your application, tell us a little about yourself and what skills and related experience you have. Tell us what town you live in because that is a critical factor in the territory you would be in and if we have an opening there. Any other information you want to share, please do. If you have a resume, send it along. Make sure you include the best phone number to reach you at.

We typically get a lot of responses to our new rep ads. We are not able to respond to each one. However, I do read everyone. We only select one or two respondents to work with from each advertisement. We do retain the remaining top candidates for possible a try out at a later date. Typically, we will run an ad in an area every 3-4 months, so chances are, you may see the ad again.

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